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Re: [condor-users] problem with Java execution


> The startd runs
> condor_starter -classad
> which prints a classad with various capabilities the starter has,
> including Java, if it's successful in finding it. You can run the command
> yourself to verify that you've set up Java in Condor correctly.

I use "condor_starter -classad" to see if Java was detected. As it doesn't
mention Java, I conclude it can't find it. (even though JAVA var in
condor_config points to it, java can be run from command-line without any
problems and scripts calling java run ok when submitted to Condor)

> > If it tries to write anything to disk, it fails, as on my
> > computer, Everyone has write permission only in temp directory.
> I'm not clear what "it" is, but I'd again refer to my statements about
> permissions above.

By 'it' I was referring to that something that checks if I have java
installed. So from your mail, I'd say it's startd.


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