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Re: [Condor-users] Condor-G for multiple Grid Types

On Jun 8, 2006, at 11:17 AM, Emir Imamagic wrote:


condor_submit will automatically insert in the job classAD

   x509userproxy = VALUE_OF_ENV_VAR_X509_USER_PROXY

for several cases such as

   universe  = grid
   grid_type = gt4
   grid_resource = gt4 $$(gatekeeper_url) $$(job_manager_type)

but not for

   universe  = grid
   grid_type = gt4
   grid_resource = $$(resource_name)

so it looks like I need to write a wrapper around condor_submit
which will do the insertion.

you're absolutely right here, Condor should add this attribute (either
by using default path or env variable).

Since I install development versions as they're released, at certain
point (around 6.7.15 or 16) I got the same error as you. From that point I simply assumed that this attribute is mandatory and started adding it
to all job scripts. Never bothered to dig a little deeper. Let's hope
that next release will solve this problem...

The problem is that not all grid universe job types need an x509 proxy. Currently, if X509UserProxy is defined in the job ad, Condor assumes the proxy is required by the job and must be present. So we want condor_submit to automatically add X509UserProxy for job types that always need a proxy (gt2, gt4), but not for job types that don't necessarily require one (condor, non-grid universes).

Once you do match-making, condor_submit has no idea what type the job will eventually be, so we can't have it set X509UserProxy automatically. Users who's jobs only match with condor-c resources will be surprised and annoyed if condor_submit tells them they're missing a proxy.

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