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Re: [Condor-users] No error details in Stork log

Hi Jeff,

Jeff Weber a écrit:


Sometimes Stork does not capture the module error into the error code.
This is a known bug.  Two items to look at:

1) does running the Stork module by hand from the command line, with the
same environment seen by the stork_server succeed:
# stork.transfer.gsiftp-file gsiftp://gdx0082/tmp/A_01  file:/tmp/A_01

Yes the stork modules succeed from the command line..

2) The error seen by stork when running the module will be saved to the
job stdout and stderr files.  Ensure your stork submit file has these
output = /path/to/job/stdout/file
err = /path/to/job/stderr/file

These two files are empty, I only have the message "Job attempt 'Number' exited by signal 11" in the log file.. What does this status indicate (11) ? The StorkLog file is similar to that of my previous email..


And examine those files after the job runs.


On Fri, 2006-06-09 at 00:41 +0200, Lamine AOUAD wrote:
Hi all,

I have trouble with stork_submit.. There is no error in the error_code from stork_status (error_code = "";)..
globus-url-copy and stork.transfer.xxx-xxx work well from the command line..