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Re: [Condor-users] condor-reuse-vm2 Job Owner in Windows

> Thanks for the info sites.  They were very helpful.

I have to confess that we don't use Condor's credential daemon. We run
all our jobs as fixed domain accounts on our Windows boxes. It was
easier. :)
> When I make changes to the condor configuration,
> as described in the documentation (I think), restart condor, 
> and then submit the job, the job now hangs 
> in the queue (and doesn't even get started).

Tammy already suggested restarting everything (even the condor_master
processes) on all your machines. I'd start with that. And also make sure
you've stored your password with the credd daemon using

It looks like the match is being rejected. Did the job even try to run?
Check the ShadowLog on the machine running condor_schedd to see if the
job perhaps tried to execute on the machine but couldn't run. Also check
the StartdLog on the machine where you're trying to run the job. To make
debugging this easier I'd target your job to one specific machine and
maybe set that machine to only run your jobs (if the queue is not
exclusivily yours). Let us know if that helps at all.

- Ian

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