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Re: [Condor-users] condor-reuse-vm2 Job Owner in Windows

> Before pursuing this further, can I just explain the setup 
> I'm trying to
> use?

Useful information. Thanks.

> However, we had to port this whole operation to Windows XP.
> And I'm fairly new to Windows.

Can I ask: are these standalone XP installs? Where you have a local
account on the machine? Or are these XP installs that belong to a
domain? Where you have a domain controller that stores usernames and
passwords and the machines use this machine to do authentication when
someone logs in.
> *******
> HOWEVER, my particular web application requires that one
> of the sub processes started by the condor job that it spawns 
> be run as a specific user (namely 'diane'), 
> and not user 'condor-reuse-vmX' or SYSTEM.
> *******

Is diane a local account on the machine or a domain account? If it's a
local account I *think* you need to go to every node in your pool and
store your password there for the diane account using condor_store_cred.
If it's not a local account the condor_credd server approach should
> I also ran:
> 	 condor_store_cred add -c -p condor_pool
> which seemed to work (told me it was successful)
> and
> 	condor_store_cred add 
> to add credentials for 'diane@winxp-dev-01'
> which also worked.

Yea, that line above is making me think you're using local accounts, not
domain accounts. I'm not sure how credd caching fits together with local
> You mention checking the StartdLog. Where is that?  I have a StartLog
> But that and the ShadowLog have no new entries associated with the job
> submission.

It'll be on the XP node in the log directory. That might reveal more.
And the ShadowLog is on the schedd machine in the log directory.
- Ian

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