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Re: [condor-users] globus -> condor matching problem

On Fri, 2003-10-31 at 14:04, Dan Bradley wrote:
> >>The bad news is that Condor 6.4.5 doesn't handle staging of 
> >>stdout/stderr back into the GASS cache correctly.  The good news is that 
> >>this is fixed in Condor 6.5.5.
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >Hmmm. Even though we're running Condor 6.4.5, if the job I submit gets
> >run in the standard universe then I get stdout back to the submitting
> >machine. It's when the jobs are palmed off as vanilla universe jobs that
> >stdout doesn't return to the Condor-G client (even though the log on the
> >client reports successful completion). It's this discrepancy that I find
> >difficult to understand.
> >
> In the case of standard universe, the stdout is written directly into 
> the GASS cache via remote system calls.  In the case of vanilla universe 
> with file transfers turned on, stdout is written to a temporary file on 
> the worker node and then staged back when the job finishes.  Prior to 
> 6.5.x, Condor didn't stage stdout/stderr back to the correct path--it 
> just stuck them in the submit directory.

OK, this now makes sense, thank you. The only clarification I need now
is that it's just the remote condor pool that needs upgrading to 6.5.5+,
and not the local Condor-G client tools too, right?

Thanks for all the help,


ps. Roll on 6.6.1 !!

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