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Re: [condor-users] globus -> condor matching problem

Mark Calleja wrote:

In the case of standard universe, the stdout is written directly into the GASS cache via remote system calls. In the case of vanilla universe with file transfers turned on, stdout is written to a temporary file on the worker node and then staged back when the job finishes. Prior to 6.5.x, Condor didn't stage stdout/stderr back to the correct path--it just stuck them in the submit directory.

OK, this now makes sense, thank you. The only clarification I need now
is that it's just the remote condor pool that needs upgrading to 6.5.5+,
and not the local Condor-G client tools too, right?

Actually, it's condor_submit and condor_shadow which need to be upgraded for this particular bug, and those are run on your gatekeeper machine, not the remote pool.


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