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Re: [Condor-users] condor-reuse-vm2 Job Owner in Windows

> I just altered the user account of 'condor-reuse-xxx' to change
> access from 'limited' to 'admin' and that seemed to work.  Yay!
> Now, is that a nono?

I don't think Condor guaruntees it'll use the same account name every
time. Or maybe it does. The Condor team will have to confirm this. BUT
you can tell Condor to use a specific account for each VM and then this
approach is relativily safe. To get specific about the account that
Condor should be using see:


You need a different user for each VM on the machine:

	VM1_USER = diane1
	VM2_USER = diane2

Now you know exactly which accounts Condor will try to use on the
machine every time a job runs and you can promote just those accounts to
Administrator accounts.

- Ian

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